Startups need a backend solution that is flexible, agile, and API ready. Directus is a headless CMS that offers all of these features + its open source , hackable to the core , making it a great choice for startups.


Directus is a flexible CMS because it is decoupled from the frontend. This means that startups can use any frontend framework or platform they want. This gives startups a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to building their applications.

For example, a startup that wants to build a mobile app can use Directus to manage their content and data, and then use a mobile framework like React Native to build the app. Or, a startup that wants to build a website can use Directus to manage their content and data, and then use a web framework like Laravel to build the website.


Directus is also an agile CMS. It is easy to set up and configure, and it can be scaled up or down as needed. This makes it a great choice for startups that are experiencing rapid growth.

For example, if a startup starts to see a lot of traffic, they can easily scale up Directus to handle the increased load. And, if the startup decides to change their frontend framework or platform, they can easily do so without having to make any changes to their backend.

API Ready

Finally, Directus is an API ready CMS. This means that startups can easily expose their content and data through APIs. This makes it easy for startups to integrate with other applications and services.

For example, a startup that wants to integrate their website with their e-commerce platform can use Directus to expose their product data through an API. This would allow the startup to easily update their product data in one place, and then have that data be reflected on both their website and their e-commerce platform.


Directus is an open source CMS that is free to use. There are also paid plans available for businesses that need additional features or support. This makes Directus a very cost-effective option for startups.


Directus is a powerful and flexible headless CMS that offers a great value for startups. It is open source, scalable, cost-effective, and packed with features. If you are looking for a backend solution that can help your startup grow quickly and easily, then Directus is a great choice.

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